she sits atop the rubble
clutching a bloodied hand
protuding from the smashed concrete
and spintered wood
her cheery playdress covered in gray soot
her face vacant, voice silent

where is her mother?
where is her father?
where is her country?
who is she?

she is lebanese
she is israeli
she is palestinian

she is iraqi
she is kurd

she is pakistani
she is chechen
she is afghani

she is maylasian
she is philipino
she is cambodian

she is somali
she is congolese
she is algerian

she is columbian
she is peruvian

she is all of us

she is you


marie loved jogging the streets of new york
with her ipod blaring

she was experienced

over six years of ten miles a day

she looked forward to the physical high that came with each run
sometimes even closing her eyes to enhance the rush

eyes closed
endorphins flowing
she felt an additional jolt
and a white light appeared

she felt a deep calm
children's voices filled her head
the smell of fresh bread soothed her

as she to ascended upward
she heard a distinct voice from below

"i told you, officer - she ran right out into traffic!"


i overslept today.

big time.

this was not my usual work week oversleep-age
waking up at 8:30 and reaching the office by 9:45.

no, this was serious
and it was without any major fanfare, too.

not at all like in the movies where the hapless hero
leaps out of bed and races through the house
tossing on mismatched clothes and running to catch the bus.


i simply opened my eyes to a bright sunny morning
turned my head to the clock
and saw 10:00 staring at me.

"shit!" was all i could come up with.


zandra struggled from the darkness toward conciousness
in the distance she heard the sound of rending metal and snapping polycarbide
her ship was falling apart

she gripped the side-rail for balance
and pulled herself up on wobbly legs

out the forward portal
she could she the massive angry spiral tearing at her ship
the multi-colored maelstrom was a clear sign of a time eddy

with only seconds to save herself
she reached across the flight panel
broke the safety-glass and jammed down hard on the blue knob

suddenly everything went black
all movement stopped
silence enveloped her

all was nothing


i played 'hookie' most of the evening yesterday

well, not really

since i was already at home
it was not really 'hookie'

more like work-avoidance.

see, i had spent several days on holiday
with my family this past week.

and even though i had lots of things in my 'to-do' pile
i just didn't want to start in

so i queued up holst's 'the planets'
and sat down with my son
to start a new 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle.

crouched on the floor
sorting through tiny bits of odd-shaped cardboard
while 'mars: bringer of war' blared over our heads.

pure heaven.


it's not easy keeping a promise.
i've learned that the hard way;
lots of times.

to some, keeping a promise is simply a matter of persistence.
you make the promise,
you stick with it
no matter the outcome

this is always a good way to write conflict into a heartbreaking drama
or create a hillarious set-up for a shallow comedy

but it's a terrible way to live your life.

see, the trick is not learning to keep a promise
any soul-less machine can do that

the real life lesson
is learning to make only the few promises
that really matter


on holiday

i'm on holiday until jul-05. i'll catch up on stories when i return.


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